Gorillaz - The Now Now (Full Album)


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    0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:01 Sorcererz 18:02 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye

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    @carlos felipe villarraga Ñ

  • Hard Package

    Hard Package

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    Now the lyrics and feats.

  • Matt’s crazy gaming 2

    Matt’s crazy gaming 2

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    People like you who mark ever song needs a trophy 🏆

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    Joseph Will VJ

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  • Solllux jaja

    Solllux jaja

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    @Official StoneCali I agree

    REELFEEDMEDIAPrieš 19 val

    dear Natasha.......

  • Sharingan User
    Sharingan UserPrieš 2 dienas

    tranz..give me very different vibe ..everytime i hear it...

  • ꧁BübbłęžTrēē꧂
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  • Jonathan Ortega
    Jonathan OrtegaPrieš 4 dienas

    Me alegra que este album con el tiempo reciba mas cariño y el honor que se merece, es demasiado bueno

  • AoNi
    AoNiPrieš 6 dienų

    I love this album, the only song I mildly dislike is hollywood.

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  • mochafrappawhat
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    Tranz is my favorite song from this album, it's short but MAN is it a jam

  • Nyx


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    Ive listened to it 5 hours straight once, such a good song.

  • Oliver Rodríguez
    Oliver RodríguezPrieš mėn

    Souk eye sounds like drink a redbull and smoke during down after get a big party all night. 🥳😎

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  • illmybird
    illmybirdPrieš mėn

    this album is my favourite (: i even made a tshirt with the album cover on the front and the list of song names on the back :D it took hours haha

  • Eggplant dog

    Eggplant dog

    Prieš mėn

    Yeah this album is extremly good, but my personal favorite gorillaz album is self titled.

  • Alan Basado
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    Mi tabla: 1° Tranz 2° Magic City 3° Lake Zurich 4° Souk Eyes 5° Hollywood 6° Sorcerez 7° Humility 8° Kansas 9° Fire Flies 10° Idaho 11° One Percent

  • byronius
    byroniusPrieš mėn

    Can't believe this album is 3 years old now... feels like it just came out literally yesterday

  • Izzbee_Florp
    Izzbee_FlorpPrieš mėn

    Souk Eye hits different...

  • marcin rychlewski
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  • marcin rychlewski
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    now now

  • Henrry Muñes Oraqueni
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    best music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ComicsUniverse
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    Stop making me fall asleep I have to study for an exam!

  • Sirick
    SirickPrieš 2 mėnesius

    one percent and souk eye are the best

  • Kowjja
    KowjjaPrieš 2 mėnesius

    Souk Eye my beloved

  • Tom
    TomPrieš 2 mėnesius

    26:10 creep 2

  • Yukie
    YukiePrieš 2 mėnesius

    stockholm syndrome: the album.

  • Ahenobarbus Henocied
    Ahenobarbus HenociedPrieš 2 mėnesius

    Everything before 2015 is gold. Everything after is excrement. It’s like chalk and cheese.

  • Exotic Butter

    Exotic Butter

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    I disagree you can find some hidden gems under a pile of garbage.

  • sunny


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  • Mega Coffee
    Mega CoffeePrieš 2 mėnesius

    wow. This was a HOOT.

  • half corrupted  pico
    half corrupted picoPrieš 2 mėnesius

    How does youtube know that Kansas is my favorite track and starts the video right from there?? Cool!

  • Cesar Alfonso Franco Ibarra
    Cesar Alfonso Franco IbarraPrieš 2 mėnesius

    i think this is the chillest album so far

  • Robert Thenownow8
    Robert Thenownow8Prieš 2 mėnesius

    Beautiful music from this legend. Master Damon we love you.

  • Ben Sergi
    Ben SergiPrieš 2 mėnesius

    happy 3 year burthday wooooooooooooooo

  • Gabriel Antonio Huayapa Rivera
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    0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:01 Sorcererz 18:02 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye

  • Sus
    SusPrieš 3 mėnesius

    This is definitely my comfort album! Lake Zurich, Kansas and Souk Eye are amazing

  • three three three
    three three threePrieš 3 mėnesius

    i feel so alone in knowing how brilliant this album is

  • Thell


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    @three three three no prob haha

  • three three three

    three three three

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    @Thell hey thanks man

  • Thell


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    Well, you don't have to feel alone about that 😜

  • Stay
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    For some reason I love (name of all the songs on the album), it's so good

  • 420 Paniagualandia
    420 PaniagualandiaPrieš 3 mėnesius

    Tenga su dislike por robar material de mis hermosos Gorillaz lmL

  • david.


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    nah bueno si la discográfica es la que le pone los anuncios al video y ellos se quedan con la plata. no gana nada quien subió el video

  • Michel Medeiros Camargo
    Michel Medeiros CamargoPrieš 3 mėnesius

    The best of Gorillaz!! Top

  • Hugo Poma
    Hugo PomaPrieš 3 mėnesius

    good album!

  • Pokey Puni
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    0:01 From Humility, I get the feeling of summer is finally here, school's out, and your friends are waiting for you to join them on a day of fun and memories, while reflecting on some of the troubles you've faced earlier the year, be it stress from work, school, family, or even an ex relationship, but it doesn't matter, it's time to have some fun. 3:18 Then there is Tranz, it's a big night for you, and maybe a group of friends who are out to make the best of a saturday night, things get crazy, hazy even, but you know it's a feeling you all share mutually with one another, and question if anyone else might be feeling the same way tonight, despite if what you're feeling is a good thing, or reckless trouble, either way, it's a feeling you won't forget. 6:00 Hollywood, not much to say here then, hollywood is a playground for the good and bad, and weather you plan on making it big, there's always gonna be challenges ahead of you, delusions of grandeur, and spiteful jealousy that could kill your vibe, stripping you of all what you have or what you're planning to get, hollywood is alright. 10:53 Then there's Kansas, you get the feeling of loss creeping up on you, thinking about someone you ounce held dear to your heart, but now they're gone, be it a nasty break up of friends, or even a significant other, you want them back so badly, but you know they won't be back, and you refuse to cry knowing damn well of the truth, but contradicting yourself, giving yourself a false hope, thinking they'll be back to make things up, but it's ok, we'll just find another dream. It's ok to cry after all. 15:01 Now, Sorcererz, again, not much to go off of here other than that you shouldn't believe all the things around you today, be it from biased news companies, or rumours from social media, just stick to your guns, and keep cool. 18:02 Idaho, you're out in the country, north west of the U.S., taking in the natural beauty of the land, and the nature surrounding you, away from the cities, and busy streets polluted with fumes and cramped by thousands of people, but here, you're free to take it all in, clearing your mind of any stress or worry, it's beautiful. 21:44 Boom, Lake Zurich, its sounds chill af. :) You can think of something better. 26:01 Magic City, you're on vacation, currently looking out your hotel window, looking out into the grand city, seeing the lights grow bright as the moon rises, and the storm clouds in the distance roar with thunder, but you wonder how long will I be here, and despite the beauty and allure of the city, you wonder when will I be able to go back home? 29:57 then.. Fireflies.., you're thinking about them again, and it's worse, it hurts to think what had went wrong, and why we're separated, pondering on and on, when will they come back to me, why did they leave, and how can I fix this? You're scared of burning out, losing hope, we were only chasing fireflies, and eventually, they fade out.. 33:51 the One Percent... Will I see you all on the other side? I'll be waiting. For how long, who knows, but, I'll be here. 36:13 oh Souk Eye.. Summer is almost over, and the fun has died down significantly, and you've reached a new low, thinking about them one last time, before feeling to move on, but you just can't help but think about them, and ask for forgiveness for what you did, even if what you did wasn't the real reason, you still yearn for their love, and want to be with them forever, but you call them one last time to say goodbye, and even though it hurts, you'll always think about them, even if it's not the best choice. I miss you, and still love you, even you don't feel the same. Goodbye.

  • Vice Versa

    Vice Versa

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    Damn man that’s an impressive description of the songs you got there

  • Thomas


    Prieš 25 dienų

    and KC has been saying that when he was skipping time, so no one heard he :( nice speech tho

  • John Ryan

    John Ryan

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    That was beautiful

  • Ewan Bristow

    Ewan Bristow

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    i dont know what this means but Yes just yes

  • Thell


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    You're totally right 😉

  • Ariah
    AriahPrieš 3 mėnesius

    I discovered the album after I finally let go of my toxic "friends" words that had been keeping their hold on me for almost a year "I would have been happy if you had died" " your not funny your just ugly rude and spoiled" So thank you gorillaz 😁

  • siwin


    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    Mik Creole nah we as humans love making others feel like shit for no reason

  • Mik Creole

    Mik Creole

    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    Maybe you suck, I mean if friends plural said that maybe it's TRUE...

  • Colin Blakeslee

    Colin Blakeslee

    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    Thanks, Bakugo.

  • Ariah
    AriahPrieš 3 mėnesius

    What type of guitar are they using in humility? I can't quite figure it out

  • Jorge Aquino Vidalon
    Jorge Aquino VidalonPrieš 3 mėnesius

    me recuerda muy buenos dias que vivi, gracias gorillaz. su mejor album.

  • Sin ale
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  • Musik Man
    Musik ManPrieš 3 mėnesius

    this may be just me but 2D looks like South Carolina

  • teo agacevic
    teo agacevicPrieš 4 mėnesius

    out of time by blur is start with this beauty and calm atmosfere ....such natural and personal.....OUT OF TIME -THIS ALBUM 100%

  • Caleb Springer

    Caleb Springer

    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    You sound check out Damion alvaro's solo album.

  • My Face
    My FacePrieš 4 mėnesius

    Hot take: Gorrilaz have no bad albums, each one is good in its own way.

  • SirenX


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    @Jerónimo Sandoval true

  • SirenX


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    @ONION • poor 2D

  • My Face

    My Face

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    @Hard Package grammar police

  • Hard Package

    Hard Package

    Prieš 15 dienų

    Gorillaz not gorrilaz

  • Tony Miller

    Tony Miller

    Prieš 21 dieną

    👨🏽‍🎨 AGREED 😛

  • Quatro olhos
    Quatro olhosPrieš 4 mėnesius

    GOSH 3 copyrights if he got some money with it my gosh the video got milion of dollars

  • Holly Patricks
    Holly PatricksPrieš 4 mėnesius

    I want to be ur puppet

  • Holly Patricks
    Holly PatricksPrieš 4 mėnesius

    I love you

  • Claudio Narea
    Claudio NareaPrieš 4 mėnesius

    Chilling AF: The Album

  • Diego Smasher Z.
    Diego Smasher Z.Prieš 5 mėnesių

    Todo The Now Now es una obra de arte

  • Cruz Jose 3 H BGU

    Cruz Jose 3 H BGU

    Prieš 18 dienų

    estoy de acuerdo con el desconocido

  • King Oikawa
    King OikawaPrieš 5 mėnesių

    this album gives me nostalgia now and its only been 3 years 🥲

  • imaginary ghost parade

    imaginary ghost parade

    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    Same here. I went to a deserted beach vacation spot for a week when this album came out and it has been the soundtrack to it all. The mall there only had like 5 stores open, the rest was 100% abandoned and going there at night with this album on was the biggest vibe of my life

  • alexXx


    Prieš 4 mėnesius

    x2 :")

  • J.R.P Sanchez
    J.R.P SanchezPrieš 5 mėnesių

    you had me at wario

  • John Flores;;
    John Flores;;Prieš 5 mėnesių

    _this album makes me cry and i love it

  • Vlaynie C.
    Vlaynie C.Prieš 5 mėnesių

    hollywood hitting like a plastic beach song with demon days drumbeats, fuck

  • Thell


    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    Well that's certainly not what I expected

  • bippeli
    bippeliPrieš 5 mėnesių

    incredible album

  • gnat felton
    gnat feltonPrieš 5 mėnesių

    Every time there is a new Gorillaz album, I am always terrified it will be bad and then kick myself years later when I finally listen to it and realize it's better than ever, every time. Gorillaz saved me more times than once.

  • Mars
    MarsPrieš 5 mėnesių

    i feel like a lot of this album is abt finally being free from someone whos been hurting you for so long. this came out in 2018, which was the year my uncle killed himself. lets just say he caused a lot of pain and sadness upon me when he was alive :/ but now that he's gone i sort of miss him but i also feel free. its weird, really.

  • fuzion


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    @Stephen Lindsay what original say :(((

  • Alynix4292


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  • danny jones

    danny jones

    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    @Stephen Lindsay what?

  • Stephen Lindsay

    Stephen Lindsay

    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    Comment has been deleted. Are all you freedom of asking haters happy?

  • Bri Velasquez

    Bri Velasquez

    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    @Stephen Lindsay it's common sense, and pretty obvious that you dont ask things like that

  • retard. jake
    retard. jakePrieš 5 mėnesių

    best summer bummer of all time 🙏

  • Yonathan Tribiño
    Yonathan TribiñoPrieš 5 mėnesių

    Excelente recuerdo del día en que se lanzó, uffff

  • Luigi55555
    Luigi55555Prieš 5 mėnesių

    When I listened through all of the Gorillaz albums for the first time I forgot this one. I’m kinda glad I did because then I got to listen to it separately and take in on its own. It’s now not only my favorite Gorillaz album but one of my favorite albums ever

  • ManOpeace
    ManOpeacePrieš 5 mėnesių

    man they can take all the time between albums they need if th is quality keeps up hotchie matchie

  • Potato Couch
    Potato CouchPrieš 6 mėnesių

    this whole album made me feel like I'm in a music video

  • Potato Couch
    Potato CouchPrieš 6 mėnesių

    2D's voice is so smooth sometimes i dose off listening to this album bc of how chill it is

  • AoNi


    Prieš 3 dienas

    especially in kansas and souk eye, those two are great songs

  • Mossy_ Cobblestone

    Mossy_ Cobblestone

    Prieš 29 dienų

    my pfp used to be the same as yours, this would have been funny

  • Sev


    Prieš mėn

    Damon is an angel sent to bless us with his voice

  • Violeta_ Artiste

    Violeta_ Artiste

    Prieš mėn

    So true! So soothing too! 👾✨

  • Imperial Sugarcube

    Imperial Sugarcube

    Prieš 4 mėnesius

    Damon Albarn

  • S14M07
    S14M07Prieš 6 mėnesių

    I think fireflies is severely underrated lol

  • シᘜ卄ㄖ丂ㄒㄚ
    シᘜ卄ㄖ丂ㄒㄚPrieš 6 mėnesių

    Better than the Humanz album (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  • IratePirate


    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    @Ryan Stein Sure, but The Now Now is a return to form.

  • シᘜ卄ㄖ丂ㄒㄚ


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    @Ryan Stein yes

  • Veminek
    VeminekPrieš 6 mėnesių

    0:00 Humility 3:18 Tranz 6:00 Hollywood 10:53 Kansas 15:1 Sorcererz 18:2 Idaho 21:44 Lake Zurich 26:00 Magic City 29:57 Fire Flies 33:51 One Percent 36:13 Souk Eye :)

  • Abhijit Rajan
    Abhijit RajanPrieš 6 mėnesių

    This is like walking through the video of the world. Probably New York. Gotta be there. Gotta let the music guide me there. I want to swim it's soul winters and whole summers. I need to find my tribe there. Sweet sensations and correlations of confetti air. Anxious but beautiful people. Write myself into this video. One day at a time. I got this. Thank you, Damon!

  • Chidosote Studios
    Chidosote StudiosPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Besto album XD

  • kaketeageru
    kaketeageruPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Fire Flies is my favorite song on this album because it's such a 3AM, drunk and cant sleep VIBE

  • Świteź Anka
    Świteź AnkaPrieš 7 mėnesių

    I love this so much 😌

  • patheticloner
    patheticlonerPrieš 7 mėnesių

    god souk eye makes me almost cry everytime i listen to it

  • retroboi2021
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  • AoNi


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  • Mr. Cheese

    Mr. Cheese

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  • Narciso Martínez Guerrero
    Narciso Martínez GuerreroPrieš 7 mėnesių

    tranz i never heared it when i heared it i was like wow i can feel the rythm is so good i hear it when i wake up

  • aurelia
    aureliaPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Every song and album hits different after learning about the full backstory of the band

  • VenomSans
    VenomSansPrieš 7 mėnesių

    My fave album of all time

  • Kardie2728
    Kardie2728Prieš 7 mėnesių

    ¿Alguien más siente que escuchar este álbum es perfecto mientras haces tu tarea? O bueno mientras haces un trabajo largo

  • Carlos Andrei

    Carlos Andrei

    Prieš mėn


  • Diego Smasher Z.

    Diego Smasher Z.

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  • Sofia


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    BRUH literalmente estoy haciendo eso

  • daniel villarreal

    daniel villarreal

    Prieš 6 mėnesių

    While I'm working!!! Cool!

  • The Cooler Cesar

    The Cooler Cesar

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  • andre setor
    andre setorPrieš 7 mėnesių

    🔊🎶"parabens👏vcs conseguiram fzr, como c não havessen terminado o primeiro albun ...ten o mesmo vocal,ritmo,percursão Legal

  • Faça Festa Festas e Fantasias

    Faça Festa Festas e Fantasias

    Prieš 7 mėnesių

    Discordo, craque

  • Aladato
    AladatoPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Many cool songs and for some reason, I really dig the album cover

  • simplysofia
    simplysofiaPrieš 7 mėnesių

    this album makes me so happy

  • Angie Santacruz Arratea
    Angie Santacruz ArrateaPrieš 7 mėnesių

    i love this album ¡

  • sabina palmadessa
    sabina palmadessaPrieš 7 mėnesių

    so trippy

  • Griffin, Eternally Bound
    Griffin, Eternally BoundPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Fire Flies hits you different when you think about your ex that used to listen to it with you a lot back in the days...

  • Skywalking Studioz

    Skywalking Studioz

    Prieš 22 dienas

    oddly specific. wanna talk about it? *joke

  • IratePirate


    Prieš 2 mėnesius

    @beth sansy My girlfriend died when Plastic Beach came out and I've been single ever since!

  • beth sansy

    beth sansy

    Prieš 6 mėnesių

    I havent even HAD an ex since before back in the day

  • jauriadelcartel


    Prieš 7 mėnesių


  • Cristian Vergara Carvallo
    Cristian Vergara CarvalloPrieš 7 mėnesių

    thanks a lot brou

  • JoulesDocs
    JoulesDocsPrieš 8 mėnesių

    at least in this album you can feel that the band is making the music compared to the previous album (Humanz)

  • Diego Zavala Xed

    Diego Zavala Xed

    Prieš 6 mėnesių

    @Raphael Brown agreed!!!!

  • Raphael Brown

    Raphael Brown

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    Naaaah they was all so Making the music in humanz as well imo All there albums are 🔥 but to each their own I guess

  • 乙ᗝᗴᖇᎥᑎᕼᗩ ❹❺
    乙ᗝᗴᖇᎥᑎᕼᗩ ❹❺Prieš 8 mėnesių


  • Draco
    DracoPrieš 8 mėnesių

    new gorillaz is shite

  • Tomoko


    Prieš 7 mėnesių

    You're shite

  • B4TT3RY
    B4TT3RYPrieš 8 mėnesių

    Damn that song Kansas almost as boring as the actual Kansas state

  • B4TT3RY


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    @Ryan Stein Ok Ryan Stein fuck off back to middle of nothing Kansas

  • B4TT3RY


    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    @yes no Nice to sleep to maybe

  • yes no

    yes no

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    its nice to vibe to

  • Paula O'Shaughnessy
    Paula O'ShaughnessyPrieš 8 mėnesių

    albums are kinda crap, just listen to the song plain

  • Paula O'Shaughnessy
    Paula O'ShaughnessyPrieš 8 mėnesių

    my fav is tranz

  • Paula O'Shaughnessy
    Paula O'ShaughnessyPrieš 8 mėnesių

    I'm a bit confused???????!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

  • woah


    Prieš 8 mėnesių


  • ño thanks

    ño thanks

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    Thou haveth the name paula smh

  • woah


    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    why must thou' be nameth P A U L A

  • ger ger
    ger gerPrieš 8 mėnesių

    Literally fell asleep while listening to this, because its really calming and relaxing. The best 30 min of sleep that i had in 2 weeks-

  • Joe Tully

    Joe Tully

    Prieš 4 mėnesius


  • Eat The bottle
    Eat The bottlePrieš 8 mėnesių

    when 2D sings everybody cool down, he sounds like pooh bear singing

  • Robert Thenownow8

    Robert Thenownow8

    Prieš 2 mėnesius


  • Knee Grow

    Knee Grow

    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    @Paula O'Shaughnessy best comment so far

  • Skeletr0n


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    @beth sansy Bro same, same

  • Rorch


    Prieš 5 mėnesių

    El chavo xd

  • beth sansy

    beth sansy

    Prieš 6 mėnesių

    At the risk of being ostracized by yet another group online, no thank you

  • FocusFactor
    FocusFactorPrieš 8 mėnesių

    Yikes this album has 0 great songs. If Plastic Beach was a 10, whatever this is gets a 2. Awful

  • woah


    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    i mean this is one of my favorite albums, but its understandable to not like it

  • Zal Moxis

    Zal Moxis

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    Let’s agree to dissagree.

  • diseased worm

    diseased worm

    Prieš 8 mėnesių

    no need to be negative. to me this album is amazing. everyone has different taste.

  • G G
    G GPrieš 8 mėnesių

    I thought there weren't any song transitions but one percent-souk eye

  • Reena Smith
    Reena SmithPrieš 8 mėnesių

    Yeah this album is the absolute SHIT.

  • fa liporace
    fa liporacePrieš 8 mėnesių


  • Heser T.
    Heser T.Prieš 9 mėnesių


  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony MartinezPrieš 9 mėnesių

    i play next car game in my xbox series x how can you do that

  • Mr. Cheese

    Mr. Cheese

    Prieš 7 mėnesių


  • Laura Salutari
    Laura SalutariPrieš 9 mėnesių

    How tf have I lived this long without

  • Sebastian Iosif
    Sebastian IosifPrieš 9 mėnesių

    Maan, i love this album!!!!!!

  • zybereqwilfish
    zybereqwilfishPrieš 9 mėnesių

    after lisdtening aoll the songs i like just humility and hollywood rest is average songs

  • The funny has arrived

    The funny has arrived

    Prieš 9 mėnesių