Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Official Video)

Elton John & Dua Lipa’s new single ‘Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)’ is out now! EltonJohnDuaLipa.lnk.to/ColdH...

Commissioner Katie Dolan
Production Company: Blinkink

Director Raman Djafari
Producer Gareth Owen
Executive Producer Josef Byrne
Production Assistant Molly Turner

3D Design & Modeling Raman Djafari
3D Animation Raman Djafari
3D Build Rosa Siabi

2D Design Raman Djafari
Elton & Dua Design Seo young

Storyboard Artist Raman Djafari
Storyboard Artist Ewa Luczkow
Storyboard Artist Mysie Pereira

Background Artist Xavier Ren

2D Animator &
Clean up Supervisor Katie Spangenberg
2D Animation Joe Sparkes
2D Animation Thomas Knowler
2D Animation Ed Smith

2D Clean Up Simona Mehandzhieva
2D Clean Up Chirstopher Aboiralor
2D Clean Up Jack Zhang
2D Clean Up Jack Langridge Gould
2D Clean Up Krisi Zhupali
2D Clean Up Pete Chownsmith
2D Clean Up Martin Dray
2D Clean Up Reed Wiles
2D Clean Up Lydia Reid
2D Clean Up Nili Bhavsar
2D Clean Up Natalie Gray
2D Clean Up Kohana Wilson
2D Clean Up Sameera Joshi
Compositor Raman Djafari

VFX Artist Jack Stone
VFX Artist George Brunt


  • Carl Sagan
    Carl SaganPrieš 2 minutes


  • Евгений Кириллин
    Евгений КириллинPrieš 27 minučių

    Super song 👏👏👏

  • Greg Dockowitz
    Greg DockowitzPrieš 28 minučių

    Elton John remixing Rocket Man while on Shrooms & LSD 🤩

  • Mohammed Karim
    Mohammed KarimPrieš 32 minutes

    I'm getting George Michael's 'Amazing' vibes. Great collab and song 👌

  • Nicholas Coughlin
    Nicholas CoughlinPrieš 48 minučių

    If anyone is enjoying this and hasn't listened to the Elton John/PNAU album "Good Morning to the Night", I'd thoroughly recommend it.

  • Beatriz Passos
    Beatriz PassosPrieš 58 minučių

    That’s amazing! I loved!😍

  • Abel 23
    Abel 23Prieš val

    Noooo eltohn johnnnn 😢, why this song hasnt got more views??

  • Chrismac-derry
    Chrismac-derryPrieš val

    This is class 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Edimara Rocha
    Edimara RochaPrieš val

    Que vibe maravilhosa essa música me faz sentir 🤗❤️❤️❤️🎵🎵🎵🎵

  • Gabi Gabi
    Gabi GabiPrieš val

    It is amazing

  • Марина Волкова
    Марина ВолковаPrieš val

    Классный дуэт,отличная песня,браво👏👏👏💪

  • DavidMaÁv
    DavidMaÁvPrieš val


  • Isabelle Hardonniere
    Isabelle HardonnierePrieš 2 val

    J'ai l'impression d'être en disco

  • Pitrak Onal
    Pitrak OnalPrieš 2 val

    I love this song. Makes me feel so nostalgic.

  • Yobrat Lasky
    Yobrat LaskyPrieš 2 val

    Should be at 300m by now.

  • Flavia Mazza
    Flavia MazzaPrieš 2 val


  • Flavia Mazza
    Flavia MazzaPrieš 2 val

    Ahhhhhh this song.....😀😀

  • Puto.685 P.T
    Puto.685 P.TPrieš 2 val

    this song such a vibe

  • Shoayb Khan
    Shoayb KhanPrieš 3 val

    On repeat!

  • Dylan Gantrich
    Dylan GantrichPrieš 3 val

    Who would've thought i'd live to see the day where Elton John does a collab with Dua Lipa? What strange times we live in, strange times indeed.

    AIRANORAKPrieš 4 val

    Elton john is the rocket man

  • rosetta paoli
    rosetta paoliPrieš 4 val


  • TheProjectChannel
    TheProjectChannelPrieš 4 val

    Awesome song but I think it sounds better at 1.25 play speed 😉

  • Collet Jean Charles
    Collet Jean CharlesPrieš 4 val

    Tiktok bring me here

  • Aaron Gilchrist
    Aaron GilchristPrieš 4 val

    Love to see Jeremy Clarkson in a music video

  • Marco Canesi
    Marco CanesiPrieš 5 val

    PopoBBono o Zabayo

  • Neeraj pachori
    Neeraj pachoriPrieš 5 val

    Nostalgia song❤️

  • Jack Botha
    Jack BothaPrieš 5 val

    There is only one SIR ELTON JHON

  • MARIAN Higueras Plaza
    MARIAN Higueras PlazaPrieš 5 val

    I lovee

  • Цицилия Цукерман
    Цицилия ЦукерманPrieš 5 val

    Песня офигенная! Я без ума от ее голоса

  • dijoyjoe
    dijoyjoePrieš 5 val

    Playing on rpt, love it cant stop jigging 💖

  • Alan Call
    Alan CallPrieš 5 val

    Very well done I love how they sped up the song

  • Rxse
    RxsePrieš 6 val

    If I were rate this 1 to 100 my answer would be 1000000

  • tobias beckett
    tobias beckettPrieš 6 val

    Video is amazing, massive probs to whomever came up with it

  • Dana Tode
    Dana TodePrieš 6 val

    Hammer Song mehr davon

  • Tony Molinari
    Tony MolinariPrieš 7 val

    Tan mágica y tan hermosa, que no parece de este mundo.

  • Moi Maris
    Moi MarisPrieš 7 val

    My break up song. Get away depression, go

  • Susan
    SusanPrieš 7 val

    Love it!! ♥

  • tatesakabashi
    tatesakabashiPrieš 8 val


  • Mazda Hydrogen
    Mazda HydrogenPrieš 8 val


  • Katarzyna Iwańciów
    Katarzyna IwańciówPrieš 8 val


  • Laisa Weird
    Laisa WeirdPrieš 9 val

    Been on a repeat of ds classical since it came to light.

  • Fher del Toro
    Fher del ToroPrieš 9 val

    La canción oficial de mis vacaciones en el hard rock hotel 😍🎸 Playa sol arena y rock

  • André Mecklenburg
    André MecklenburgPrieš 9 val

    It is a little bit strange but Eltons Voice is amazing and the 3 Songs also! Very Nice

  • Restu Dhielisto
    Restu DhielistoPrieš 9 val


  • majkelek90
    majkelek90Prieš 9 val


  • Cameron Crilly
    Cameron CrillyPrieš 9 val

    Why isn't there any love here for the brilliant remix by PNAU? It is not just Elton and Dua Lipa performing.

    AUDESWITPrieš 10 val

    Thery naice song ..👍

  • Sebastien Gaudette
    Sebastien GaudettePrieš 10 val

    Québec ?

  • Mike Jones
    Mike JonesPrieš 11 val

    Love them both

  • Juan Abrajan
    Juan AbrajanPrieš 11 val

    This song is eternal

  • Munkhchimeg Erdenechuluun
    Munkhchimeg ErdenechuluunPrieš 11 val

    Lipaaaaa 💚

  • юрий кравченко
    юрий кравченкоPrieš 11 val


  • philliphaessig
    philliphaessigPrieš 12 val

    Good song but very creepy video.

  • Don Beck
    Don BeckPrieš 12 val

    Love this! ltdron.info/throw/lrCgnrevhIqTgKA/vaizdo-ra-as.html

  • Alvaro Reyes
    Alvaro ReyesPrieš 12 val

    Daft punk + Elton + dua lipa bruatally awosome

  • Pedro M.
    Pedro M.Prieš 12 val

    Makes me soooo happy

  • Limerion
    LimerionPrieš 12 val


  • Marcin Piasecki
    Marcin PiaseckiPrieš 12 val

    I love it!!!!!! ;)

  • Livia Barbosa
    Livia BarbosaPrieš 13 val

    What gift gorgeus in birthday 🤗💓thank 😘😘😘

  • Liam Propser Mbonyingabo
    Liam Propser MbonyingaboPrieš 13 val

    Legend of the year 1990 + Legend of 2021

  • Livia Barbosa
    Livia BarbosaPrieš 13 val

    😯 I loved 🤗💓💞

  • BBD
    BBDPrieš 13 val

    Pobre mi Corazón XD Tras que está Roto No está Frío está Congelado pero Dua Lipa Es unas de las 12 personas que me repara el Corazón y me lo descongela ❄️

  • Mazhar Hussain
    Mazhar HussainPrieš 14 val

    Beautiful track cant stop listening to it

  • mr joHnz
    mr joHnzPrieš 14 val

    video is so FreaKing Disturbing .. & GAYer than a Skittles Rainbow on Sparkle Glittered RollerSkates

  • wil Y
    wil YPrieš 14 val

    Chulada de rola!!!

  • tatiana young fit
    tatiana young fitPrieš 14 val

    loveeeee!! ♥♥♥

  • Ronnie Ballard
    Ronnie BallardPrieš 14 val

    Yeah we can remix my song, because my money..werkkk

  • Rosa Esther Garcia Ruiz
    Rosa Esther Garcia RuizPrieš 14 val

    Te quiero mucho ❤️ bailas tiene un ritmo!!! Que bien esta hecho!!!

  • Félix Reyes
    Félix ReyesPrieš 15 val

    Nada más que pedir 😍

  • Karla av
    Karla avPrieš 15 val

    I love song

  • Madame Jagger
    Madame JaggerPrieš 15 val

    Klaczus zyj

  • steven mcguire
    steven mcguirePrieš 15 val

    Wish Elton could sing like this live he now sounds like someones uncle doing karaoke in the pub on a Saturday

  • Marta Szymborska
    Marta SzymborskaPrieš 15 val

    Jadę z mężem na weekend no i zgadnijcie co będzie grało?????!!!

  • Pauline Fish
    Pauline FishPrieš 15 val

    Love it what else is there to say

  • Mateo Colegial
    Mateo ColegialPrieš 15 val


  • Marta Szymborska
    Marta SzymborskaPrieš 15 val

    Dobrze działa na mnie ta piosenka po 12 godzinach pracy relax!!!!!!!

  • ehlerhog
    ehlerhogPrieš 15 val

    I don't recognize the background added "No no no's" sample. That and the ending chorale piece are driving me nuts... Anyone??

  • sidney housen
    sidney housenPrieš 16 val

    that smooth rhythm i like it alote

  • willia451
    willia451Prieš 16 val

    I like to see the legends helping out the young folk. Very inspiring.

  • Jenni-cosmetic
    Jenni-cosmeticPrieš 16 val

    Me encanta esta canción, hermosa melodía y buen duo.

  • Mimi KN
    Mimi KNPrieš 16 val

    Perfect duo👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Brayan Lanaro
    Brayan LanaroPrieš 16 val

    I'm fu**ng addicted to this song OMG so good :O

  • Hassi Mehdi
    Hassi MehdiPrieš 16 val

    My song of the month ❤️

  • The Dude
    The DudePrieš 16 val

    Truly one of the best and will never be seen again in human history. Just like the king of pop himself...Michael Jackson...truth

  • Michele Bozzolan
    Michele BozzolanPrieš 17 val


  • MylittleMUMU
    MylittleMUMUPrieš 17 val


  • samuel dadiaa
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  • fire surfer
    fire surferPrieš 17 val

    Ryan Secrest just said this is genius. That's an understatement.

  • Ольга Подшибякина
    Ольга ПодшибякинаPrieš 17 val

    It’s the best thing, I’ve ever heard

  • Samerlam 95
    Samerlam 95Prieš 17 val

    I don’t really like Elton John but this is a banger well done sir

  • Marco Manna
    Marco MannaPrieš 17 val

    Absolutely fantastic.......what a an amazing collaboration.....it sounds amazing......

  • Laura Pistillo
    Laura PistilloPrieš 18 val

    Posso dire che il video è orribile?🤣🤣

  • Ricardo GTZ
    Ricardo GTZPrieš 18 val

    Good Song, terrible video!

  • Phlebiax
    PhlebiaxPrieš 18 val

    I'm gonna "Sacrifice" this song with the stupid music as of today....

  • brendan cosier
    brendan cosierPrieš 18 val

    Now this is rare diamond💯💯