Joan As Police Woman - Holy City (Official Video)

Holy City is the first single from Joan As Police Woman's new album 'The Classic' available everywhere March 10, 2014

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Directed & edited by Alex de Campi. Produced by Wesley Wingo/GravitySleeps for RSM. DP: Jendra Jarnagan. Production design by Stewart Gerard. Costume by Karen Levitt. Starring Joan Wasser aka Joan As Police Woman, with Parker Kindred, Donna Barkman, Dean Haspiel, Stephanie Sidjakov, Matt Whyte, Dan Yahraes, Michele Zayla Bill Moulton, Stephanie McKay, and with a special guest appearance by the great Murray Hill. With the amazing dance shapes of Alexandra Phipps, Gina Mayers, Chinasa Uche, Danika Manso-Brown, and Yoo-Sun Park. This was a video by a lot of people and they were all AWESOME. Still are, in fact.

Joan As Police Woman 2014 Tour Dates
Tickets available here:

Mar 05 - Union Pool - Brooklyn, NY
Mar 13 - The Lexington - London, United Kingdom - Sold Out
Mar 15 - Arts Centre - Norwich, United Kingdom
Mar 16 -- AB - Bruxelles, Belgium
Mar 18 -- Effenaar - Eindhoven, Netherlands
Mar 19 -- Melkweg - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 21 - Cafe la Danse - Paris, France
Mar 23 - Den Atelier - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Mar 24 -- Feierwerk - Munich, Germany
Mar 25 -- Postbahnnhof - Berlin, Germany
Mar 27 -- Beatpol - Dresden, Germany
Mar 28 - UT Connwitz - Leipzig, Germany
Mar 29 - Uebel & Gefahrlich - Hamburg, Germany
Mar 30 - Gebaude 9 - Cologne, Germany
Apr 01 -- Zakk - Düsseldorf, Germany
Apr 02 -- Forum - Bielefeld, Germany
Apr 03 -- Mousonturm - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Apr 04 -- Kaserne - Basel, Switzerland
Apr 06 - Bee Flat - Bern, Switzerland
Apr 07 - Bogen F - Zurich, Switzerland
Apr 08 - La Brise Glace - Annecy, France
Apr 10 - Elita Festival - Teatro Franco Parenti - Milan, Italy
Apr 11 -- Bronson - Ravenna, Italy
Apr 12 - Viper Theatre - Florence, Italy
Apr 13 - Auditorium Parco Della Musica - Sala Petrassi - Rome, Italy
Apr 15 - Village Underground - London, United Kingdom
Apr 16 - Village Underground - London, United Kingdom
Apr 17 -- Komedia - Brighton, United Kingdom
Apr 19 - The Belgrave - Leeds, United Kingdom
Apr 20 - The Traders Club - Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom
Apr 21 -- Gorilla - Manchester, United Kingdom
Apr 23 - The Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, United Kingdom
Apr 24 - The Thekla - Bristol, United Kingdom
Apr 25 - Exeter Phoenix - Exeter, United Kingdom
Apr 27 - The Sage - Gateshead, United Kingdom
Apr 28 - Oran Mor - Glasgow, United Kingdom
Apr 30 - Button Factory - Dublin, Ireland
May 01 - Limelight2 - Belfast, United Kingdom
May 04 -- DR - Copenhagen South, Denmark


  • Chris
    ChrisPrieš 11 dienų

    I can’t stop listening to this song, and Parker Kindred looks cool as fuck….

  • Eric Bruijn
    Eric BruijnPrieš 2 mėnesius

    Nice, the clip too

  • Lela Vivi
    Lela ViviPrieš 5 mėnesių


  • James Bont
    James BontPrieš 5 mėnesių

    It's wonderful how you've developed since your first album (besoniq?). Hats off.

  • Victor Pons
    Victor PonsPrieš 7 mėnesių

    Eres muy grande!!❤

  • cat
    catPrieš 10 mėnesių

    Director: how many costume changes do you want? Joan: yes

  • Norglad Niyaba
    Norglad NiyabaPrieš 11 mėnesių

    Just discovering this song now... WOOWWWW

  • Clare 123
    Clare 123Prieš metus

    Cool music

  • Guthrow Taylor Johnson
    Guthrow Taylor JohnsonPrieš metus

    1:03 That's the same show host that appeared in The Regrettes 'Hey Now music' video. What's his name and connection here?

  • Delicate Steve
    Delicate StevePrieš metus

    So good Joan I watch this religiously

  • Tim Andrews
    Tim AndrewsPrieš metus

    I know right

  • rudolph douglas
    rudolph douglasPrieš metus

    your not a wimp are you berlin police women

  • rudolph douglas
    rudolph douglasPrieš metus

    how about it berlin police women or are you going to report me

  • lemon
    lemonPrieš metus


  • Marissa Dower-morgan
    Marissa Dower-morganPrieš metus

    OK it'a CRAZY , but is it where I wan't to spend 4:46 minutes? NUPE!

  • MrClingclong
    MrClingclongPrieš 2 metus

    There is so much crud around, but there are a few beautiful gems twinkling in the darkness. Thanks Joan.

  • Emil Notlastname
    Emil NotlastnamePrieš 2 metus

    The best soundtrack for a crusade. - From Samsung Smart Frigde IMEI #a10 23 t2 76 f9 3p PL OP GO ES TH E1 gR O0 V5.

  • sqorpy
    sqorpyPrieš 2 metus

    really great song, 4th time listing to it in a loop

  • Lee Spicer
    Lee SpicerPrieš 2 metus

    And just exactly WHAT, pray tell is THIS dumb shit?? I knew it was stupid b4 I ever clicked it, it just looked stupid.

  • Nicola Douglas
    Nicola DouglasPrieš 2 metus

    Went for my colonoscopy,and in the theater this song was playing!!! I couldn't believe it! Nick the surgeon had it on his play list!! I immediately felt better!!! Thanks Joan and Nick!!! At the Bradford Royal Infirmary!!!! Holy city!

  • dink dankdoo

    dink dankdoo

    Prieš mėn

    Hole-y shitty

  • odibex


    Prieš 3 mėnesius

    how much do tickets to watch you get a colonoscopy go for? I gotta ask

  • Sheila Alves

    Sheila Alves

    Prieš 10 mėnesių

    hahaahah. And the exam results were all right?

  • Eric Lindsey

    Eric Lindsey

    Prieš metus

    Wow. Deep ish. :) Cool story, sista.

  • Sky Moni

    Sky Moni

    Prieš metus

    lol great story

  • Tina Stanley
    Tina StanleyPrieš 3 metus

    This makes me so happy, I have been thinking about wailing walls too and I like the way you costume it & groove it, because grooves are hypnotic, filled with possible magick, if you go inside. Highly effective art and magick!

  • Tina Stanley
    Tina StanleyPrieš 3 metus

    Righteous Joanie.

  • Cin Flishman
    Cin FlishmanPrieš 3 metus

    I absolutely adore this song!! One of the best songs out there bar none/!!!! Great video!!!

  • Lara Weisz
    Lara WeiszPrieš 3 metus

    I just fucking love her music Videos.. everyone is like: they are too strange and sureal, maybe they are kinda strange if you think in boxes and the Norm.. But i think they're just fantasticly artistic and amazing😍😍 maybe because i am as strange as her Videos😂

  • Ria
    RiaPrieš 3 metus

    Song OK but truly awful video!

  • RFH
    RFHPrieš 3 metus

    Joan is fantastic. Great video, great songs!

  • Giulia Cortella
    Giulia CortellaPrieš 3 metus


  • Just Sayin'
    Just Sayin'Prieš 4 metus

    Very catchy tune!



    Prieš 4 metus

    Just Sayin' msanii

  • Jed Smith
    Jed SmithPrieš 4 metus

    Murray Hill! 👍

  • dumena
    dumenaPrieš 4 metus

    awesome song, disappointing video

  • Erick Guzman
    Erick GuzmanPrieš 4 metus

    oh man this is so good

  • Mika Aho
    Mika AhoPrieš 4 metus

    All Joan´s songs and music videos are brilliant masterpieces! Just genious piece of work, love em!

  • Grace Jensen
    Grace JensenPrieš 6 metų


  • Lalley H
    Lalley HPrieš 6 metų

    good song

  • Liz McCann
    Liz McCannPrieš 6 metų

    Brilliant song and i cannot stop listening to it!

  • J Ross

    J Ross

    Prieš 4 metus

    Stupid? You can't even string a coherent sentence together, "Walter".

  • Brage Johansen

    Brage Johansen

    Prieš 4 metus

    Walter Butler deleting comments now? Haha glad you realised how stupid you sound.

  • Brage Johansen

    Brage Johansen

    Prieš 4 metus

    Walter Butler damn you're tragic :')

  • Brage Johansen

    Brage Johansen

    Prieš 4 metus

    Walter Butler haha I'm very confident about my looks, but if you really have come to the point of trying to make fun of how I look even though you've never seen me, it's obvious that you lost :)) you are the one who is butthurt here, oh the irony

  • Brage Johansen

    Brage Johansen

    Prieš 4 metus

    Walter Butler wtf you on about? You sad pathetic little freak, like really, you shouldn't be on the internet, yikes..

  • DublF666
    DublF666Prieš 6 metų

    For some reason this song sounds like it has a Beck influence to me. I do really like it though.

  • Joe Nicholls
    Joe NichollsPrieš 6 metų

    It's a terrific song

  • Hammerton32
    Hammerton32Prieš 6 metų

    great song from a fantastic album.

  • D X
    D XPrieš 6 metų

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • Netheb
    NethebPrieš 6 metų

    0:04 hello Judi Dench!?

  • Cuco AK AsitakaAtilaKills
    Cuco AK AsitakaAtilaKillsPrieš 6 metų

    holly shittt!!!!

  • kal 61
    kal 61Prieš 7 metų


  • grayzerbeam
    grayzerbeamPrieš 7 metų

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH guh. So jazzy

  • Ignazio Licata
    Ignazio LicataPrieš 7 metų

    Holy Joan

  • alan triplett
    alan triplettPrieš 7 metų

    Classic soul, a great track, I like it

  • Sam Mallery
    Sam MalleryPrieš 7 metų


  • Aine Flynn
    Aine FlynnPrieš 7 metų

    My favourite song of the moment!!

  • cajunlover1000
    cajunlover1000Prieš 7 metų

    First seen them perform this on Later with Jools . . . very interesting and great sound - will need to look up more tracks . . . hope they are as good as this one!

  • Aishaaax
    AishaaaxPrieš 7 metų

    This is brilliant - love it!

    JAQ GALLIERPrieš 7 metų

    not for me.. but i do love her!

  • De Staat van Stasse
    De Staat van StassePrieš 7 metų

    nu in de staat op radio2

  • Chris Train
    Chris TrainPrieš 7 metų

    What a great song and brilliant video

  • Suzy Romanjuk
    Suzy RomanjukPrieš 7 metų

    Very Mad Men and Disco. Love it!!! Great sound.

  • Paolo Piras
    Paolo PirasPrieš 7 metų

    can't quit playing this tune

  • Marcelo Almeida
    Marcelo AlmeidaPrieš 7 metų

    cool! see you guys at Elita Design Week Festival next month :) \o/ greetings from Brazil

  • Vienna00001
    Vienna00001Prieš 7 metų

    Smashing song. And it's unmistakably the JAPW sound.

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel MendozaPrieš 7 metų

    Amazing !!!!

  • George Reagan
    George ReaganPrieš 7 metų

    Reggie Watts is a genius. This breakdown is great.

  • George Reagan
    George ReaganPrieš 7 metų


  • Melissa Duncan

    Melissa Duncan

    Prieš 7 metų

    This is beautiful

  • molly mitten
    molly mittenPrieš 7 metų

    Love this song

  • Cosmo CosmoBrown
    Cosmo CosmoBrownPrieš 7 metų


  • Ginger Prince
    Ginger PrincePrieš 7 metų

    Brilliant makes me smile

  • Assignable Jack
    Assignable JackPrieš 7 metų

    The Guy dancing at the back at about 1:45... I want his shirt...

  • Sglod ap Tatwn
    Sglod ap TatwnPrieš 7 metų

    Crackin tune, shame about the Zionism, marching band and trying to make people schizophenic!

  • steve hewitt
    steve hewittPrieš 7 metų

    Lovin" this.

  • Daryl and Mark Daryl and Mark
    Daryl and Mark Daryl and MarkPrieš 7 metų

    great catchy tune and video.

  • sam allan
    sam allanPrieš 7 metų

    Lovin this ;) something fresh

  • usedfuzzbox
    usedfuzzboxPrieš 7 metų

    Nothing at all like her old stuff, but kinda digging it....

  • anotherwarrior
    anotherwarriorPrieš 7 metų

    Love it. Looks so much fun.

  • Carl Platt
    Carl PlattPrieš 7 metų

    Fantastic....Love this track !!

  • MamaSophia
    MamaSophiaPrieš 7 metų

    you can do no wrong!

  • Jose Antonio Sanchez
    Jose Antonio SanchezPrieš 7 metų

    Gran tema, conservando la calidad e innovación de anteriores. Esperando el álbum completo que a buen seguro no defraudará. Esta es la mejor prueba.

  • Balert
    BalertPrieš 7 metų

    Such a great song. 2:45 on is pure pleasure.

  • zingaboo2008
    zingaboo2008Prieš 7 metų

    Excellent Song! Great Video! Thanks Joan! Very Cool!

  • Frédéric Minard
    Frédéric MinardPrieš 7 metų

    a modern soul classic already...

  • Steve Berkowitz
    Steve BerkowitzPrieš 7 metų

    Fantastic !!

  • Marcin Rychlik
    Marcin RychlikPrieš 7 metų

    what a flow!

  • graham willet
    graham willetPrieš 7 metų

    The best new song that I've heard in years and the video is brilliant! Those idiots with the negative comments below should stick to watching One Direction videos.

  • martimusichannel
    martimusichannelPrieš 7 metų

    we had the privilege to share the stage with you in 2008 in Sestri are AMAZING!! A M A Z I N G !!!!!

  • Danilo Soares
    Danilo SoaresPrieš 7 metų


  • Musos Guide
    Musos GuidePrieš 7 metų

    Tweeted @musosguide

  • Brian O'Sullivan
    Brian O'SullivanPrieš 7 metų

    don't ever stop Joan... so good!!! can't wait for you to make to Oz again,,,in particular Fremantle :-)

  • IncessantMuttering
    IncessantMutteringPrieš 7 metų

    Wow, cool.

  • Nicole Jolly
    Nicole JollyPrieš 7 metų

    AWESOME clip. Looks like it was a whole lotta fun. Love the song, as always w Joan. Can't wait for the album release!!

  • Lisa Mack
    Lisa MackPrieš 7 metų

    I still remember your magnificent show in Perth, Australia. This new song reminds me of your joy, energy and class. So catchy. Singing it in my head already. All the best for your new album in March.

  • Mike Elish
    Mike ElishPrieš 7 metų

    This is really crappy. I think I could have made a better video when I was 13 in my parents basement.

  • Brage Johansen

    Brage Johansen

    Prieš 4 metus

    Mike Elish It's the style of the video. I think it has charm and they seem to have so much fun which is great

  • Ana Cobas
    Ana CobasPrieš 7 metų

  • Fexxonji
    FexxonjiPrieš 7 metų

    Damn you, Joan. You are extremely beautiful and talented. And this song is a drug!

  • Tai Oliveira
    Tai OliveiraPrieš 7 metų

    This concept reminds me of Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone interactive video! Mindblowin' editing and of course, Joan, AMAZING as always. I'm crazy about her

  • gummboote
    gummbootePrieš 7 metų

    Crap song, shit video.

  • graham willet

    graham willet

    Prieš 7 metų

    @Mike Elish I really think that you are missing the point here so perhaps you're the sad joke .

  • Steve Dinsdale

    Steve Dinsdale

    Prieš 7 metų

    @Mike Elish Who gives a flying one what you think ?

  • Mike Elish

    Mike Elish

    Prieš 7 metų

    Seriously. Like the song is ok, but the video is really a sad joke. I think I could have done better with an ancient camcorder with a VHS tape.

  • titti1506
    titti1506Prieš 7 metų


  • Piotr Hering
    Piotr HeringPrieš 7 metų

    Love it ! ;)